Clean drinking water was always a challenge for mankind’s survival.

Nomads lived as hunter-gatherers, sourcing wells to obtain clean drinking water, or else digging beneath dry river beds to collect the groundwater. Stone Age men constructed suction wells by drilling holes in the soil that they prevented collapsing by padding out with grass. In the centre of this grass infill or plug they pressed hollow stalks through which the water would drip. And thus the first water filter was invented!

We now take a leap forward in time.

There is water in Ireland everywhere, but is it drinkable? Changes in industrial and agricultural processes have yielded far-reaching consequences that have spoilt the life-giving element of water.
These processes include:

  • Uncontrolled dumping of industrial wastes and toxins.
  • Incineration of all types of rubbish whose emissions are returned to the ground by rainfall that seeps underground and finally reaches the ground water.
  • Excessive spraying of manure, herbicides and pesticides, in particular Glyphosat (“Round Up”), that form agricultural wastes.
  • Dumping of hormones and other medical wastes in toilets
  • Heavy metals formed in rotting pipe works combine with uncontrolled bacterial growth to create further damage.
  • Chlorification will not by itself really solve the current problems and additional actions via fluoridation further toxify drinking water.

It is evident that drinkable water is amazingly short in Ireland. Our drinking water is often contaminated with heavy metals (lead, copper, mercury, cadmium and others), bacteria, pesticides (e.g. atrazine, lindane and glyphosates from Round Up causing cancer), medical residues, sulphates, the bad tasting and rather foul-smelling chlorines, fluorides and various other substances.

Furthermore water from the mains supply, or even from our wells, is often lifeless and bereft of its natural positive energy. At times it is not fit for human consumption, and often its taste is unpleasant for drinking.

Fritz Mohn

Fritz Mohn, founder of Waterwise

Our Philosophy about Water Treatment

For us water is something living that should be respected. It is not just the chemical formula H2O. It is part of an organism that should be full of life and full of energy. As such it gives us the gift of health and vitality. We believe that it is particularly essential to work with the natural power and qualities of the water source.

I am Fritz Mohn, founder of the company Waterwise and live in Ireland since 2008. Before this I worked as food processing engineer in many overseas countries. My products care of your health and increase your wellbeing. Waterwise offers natural based water treatment systems to provide you a healthy drinking water. Our German made devices remove almost all substances that do not belong in natural water.  And additionally they also reactivate your drinking water and enhance its biophysical effect. Finally our treating systems save your money. We only use natural processes in harmony with nature itself. We remove: over 90 % of heavy metals · over 99.9% of bacteria · chemicals · chlorides · pesticides · hormones · medical residues · bad odours

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