Tailored, affordable solutions to improve water quality

Good clean water demands more than applying a standard treatment

Top waterfilter systems made and prooved in Germany to filter and enhance your drinking water. Zinc Sacrification Anodes change the structure of the lime and prevent lime scaling. Unique tabletop and undersink filters remove over 90% of heavy metals and over 99% of toxines using most efficient charcoal cartridges. Swirlers with extensive, complex water and air ducts create vortices that vitalise lifeless water. Water-soothing microorganisms retrieve the positive energy of living water and emit beneficial information. Waterwise is based in Southern Galway.


Our waterfilter products care of your health and increase your wellbeing. We offer natural based water treatment systems to provide you healthy drinking water. Our German made devices remove almost all substances that do not belong in natural water. Additionally they also reactivate your drinking water and enhance its biophysical effect. Finally our treating systems save your money. We only use natural processes in harmony with nature itself.


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The vegetable-based activated coconut shell cartridges remove over 90 % of heavy metals · over 99.9% of bacteria · chemicals · chlorides · pesticides · hormones · medical residues · bad odours


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