After eliminating toxic particles like heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and many others by means of our filter systems the water is now physically and substantially clean. Nearly all dangerous particles have been restrained. It now will be physically pure. However, it is homeopathically impure as any contaminants have left their articulated memories. There are also agglutinations of water molecules, known as clusters that slow down inter alia the uptake of water by the body. In nature healthy water receives its life-going energy and vitalization from turbulences and aeration caused by swirls, buffers, changes in flow velocities and flow directions, and many other physical inputs and bio information.

Attached to the tap outlet, our Swirlers follow the same principle, bringing many benefits by doing so:

  • They remove negative memories contained in molecular vibrations. This means that the memory of toxins and other negative information are no longer present.
  • They follow natural water movements.
  • The systems aerate the water and expel chlorides.
  • They break the long chain clusters of the water molecules. This helps to assimilate water in our bodies

It took many years and intensive research to develop them. Highly skilled mechanics built them with technical complex CNC machines in Germany. In doing so only costly high-grade absolute pure and inert metals and alloys and other materials are used to produce components for drinking water and bathroom equipment, providing a healthy drinking water and feel-good shower experience.

Principle of vortex generation in our swirlers

1. Primary Vortex
2. Secondary Vortex
3. Large Water clusters many water molecules stick together to one cluster
4. Broken or disintegrated smaller clusters (sole water molecules)

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Swirler VITA TITANIUM to be screwed on the outlet of the tap

Cross section of a Swirler showing the complex water and air duct

Cross section of the Swirler “VITA VORTEX” showing the vortices and the air duct through a hole in the glass bulb

Swirler Aqua NEVO 1.4 and 1.8 respectively.

Swirler Aqua NEVO JUWEL

Swirler Aqua NEVO 1.4 and 1.8 respectively. The price conscoius swirler is made of stainless steel and creates great tasting vitalized water
Buy Swirler Aqua NEVO 1.4 Buy Swirler Aqua NEVO 1.8

Swirler Aqua NEVO JUWEL for a more pretentious water quality. Its swirling chamber transmits specific vibrancy levels to the water. It is made of stainless steel and from inert Schott Duran glass.
Buy Swirler Aqua NEVO Jewel

3 different taps in a shop in Aachen

Three taps at the sink of the “Water Tap Point” in the shop “Das Wasserhaus”. Filtered water flows out of an AQUADEA swirler made of silver and mountain crystal. In front of the swirler that is screwed on a three way tap, is an outlet for the utility water.

The Water Tap Point was designed to demonstrate the possible options of installing different taps and to show how swirlers look like and also to sell fresh filtered and vitalized water to customers. They can choose from a large variety of different shaped swirlers with different materials and components which are combined in a special arrangement to meet the customer’s need of his own personal designed water. And indeed, the water tastes different in relation to the swirler types and creates different senses of wellbeing.

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Swirler from VITA VORTEX on a separate tap for a two tap solution

Swirler from AQUADEA head screwed off. See the extreme fine swirled and aerated water flow

Water running out of a AQUADEA swirler. Filtered and vitalized water runs into a glass bottle that is made of a specially designed glass to hold water

The swirler illustrated in Vita VORTEX is made of gold plated alloys and Schott Duran glass. There are four additional swirling chambers available that may be combined with this swirler for certain requirements or specific vibrancy levels.

Waterwise selected a variety of swirlers that have been crafted to match everyone’s imagination and vision of healthy water and moreover to match everyone’s budget.

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