Functional principle of our filter (left) and structure of our filter cartridges (right)

Our extremely efficient system eliminates nearly all heavy metals (>90%), and virtually nearly all bacteria, hormones, medical residues, pesticides, antibiotics and other remaining unwanted substances (>99.9%).

It consists of the filter housing containing a cartridge with fine membranes (porosity 0.45μ and 0.15μ respectively) and a highest quality plant-originated active carbon core made from coconut shells with the addition of zeolite, a mineral-rich clay that can absorb a large number of substances through its fine pores.

Our two filter systems are easily to install. Likewise is the exchange of the filter cartridges.

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Our Alvito filter cartridges work according to following principles or effects:

  1. Mechanical effect – similar to a strainer
    The activated charcoal core restrains all particles larger than its pores and filter channels.
    These are:
    – Bacteria
    – Single cell parasites from life stock or other faeces such as Cryptosporidium, Coccidian,
    – Nematodes, Giardia (small intestine parasites)
    – Suspended particles, Sand, rust particles, asbestos fibres and others
  2. Catalytic effects i.e. filtration by conversion (fragmentation of chemical compounds)
    Catalytic effects are particular characteristic of activated carbon. By this our filter removes :
    – Chlorine
    – Chlorine compounds like FCKWs
  3. Absorption effects i.e. uptake of contaminants
    Activated charcoal absorbs inorganic poisons (e.g. heavy metals) and organic impurities (e.g. pesticides) that are smaller than the filter’s pores. Thus it can filter:
    – Lead, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium and many other metals
    – Herbicides (e.g. Glyphosates/Round Up or their residues), Pesticides, Fungicides, Hormone
    residues e.g. oestrogens, rest of medicine,
    – compounds with a negative effect on taste and odour such as Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten eggs)

Our Alvito filter cartridges and filter housings are the best ever made

  • Our filter cartridges are made in Germany under a permanent quality control
  • Our filter cartridges are made of vegetable based active carbon (coconut shells)
  • The activated carbon cores of our filter cartridges are sintered and require a miniscule amount of binding agent or matrix of only less than 10 % (s. figure 8). This results in the highest ever volume or density of activated carbon in a filter cartridge and explains the good results in removing the contaminants as described before. They detain:
    – Over 90 % of the heavy metals
    – Over 99% of bacteria, pesticides, hormones, medical residues, chlorines and others
  • However our filter cartridges leave all vital minerals and other vital compounds in the water
  • Our filters have a high water flow rate ranging from 2 litres per minute at a water pressure of 3 – 4 bar to 7 litres per minute, depending on the cartridge type (see table 1)
  • Most of other filter cartridges on the market are not sintered. They are extruded and contain up to m50 % of matrix- or binding agent, using granulates only from various sources. They have a lower flow rate of about 2.5 litres per minute and a less effective filtration and absorbance capacity.
  • The pores of our cartridges securely trap all particles and almost all compounds that should not be in the water. They trapped forever. Hence leakage of those impurities is impossible.

The Alvito filter housings are made of PP (Polypropylene) and not of SAN (Styrene acrylonitrile resin). They are not transparent and no light will penetrate inside the filter housing that would cause contamination by algal growth. In tests they resulted in the highest impact resistance.

Composition of different manufactured Activated carbon blocks
Top bar: Commonly sold Extruded charcoal block ca. 50% activated charcoal, ca.50% binding agent
Middle bar: High grade Sintered charcoal block ca. 70 % activated charcoal, ca.30% binding agent
Below bar: Alvito Sintered charcoal block ca. 90 % activated charcoal, less than 10% binding agent

A brand new filter cartridge from Alvito (ABF Primus CLC)

It consists of an EM “baked in” ceramic and in addition a special anti-lime scale granulate. This granulate converts some of the temporary water hardness (dissolved “lime”) into larger, undissolved stable calcite crystals. In this “catalytic” process of lime conversion neither substances into the water be delivered, yet the lime is filtered out. The lime remains in the water and changes its structure only. The limescale granules work purely physically and are not dissipated within the mentioned shelf life of filter period for cartridges of 6 months because the lime crystals are permanently removed from the granules. The effectiveness may vary depending on the individual water composition.

Filter Cartridge ABF PRIMUS® SD Blue flow rate of 4 litres per minute at a water pressure of 4 bar, activated charcoal content of the core about 90%. A net-like jacket covers and protects an underlying filtering membrane with a pore size of 0.45μ. Both enclose the unique Alvito sintered carbon core. We recommend this filter for almost every standard use. It will remove bad tastes and smells such as Hydrogen, Sulphides and Chlorides.

Filter Cartridge ABF DUPLEX® SD RED, flow rate of 7 litres per minute at a water pressure of 4 bar, activated charcoal content of the core about 90%. This cartridge is build up like ABF Primus SD and looks similar. However it has a different charcoal core and an extra fine membrane with a pore size of 0.15μ. We recommend this filter cartridge if a high flow rate is desired and or if there is extreme bacterial contamination.

Filter Cartridge ABF Primus® CLC, Turquoise. This new model of Alvito has a flow rate of 4 litres per minute at a water pressure of 4 bar, activated charcoal content of the core about 90%. It changes the structure of the lime molecules in such a way that they cannot stick in the kettle and activate the water by incorporated EM.

Filter Cartridge NFP Premium
, flow rate of 2 litres per minute at a water pressure of 4 bar, activated charcoal content of the core about 70 %.


Alvito ABF Primus EM yellow
Filter Cartridge ABF Primus EM Yellow
, activated carbon block filter, covered with EM ceramic.


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Table 1: Specification of our filter cartridges used in our Alvito filtration systems Working pressure max. 6 bar, operating temperature 5° to 40° C *) Average capacity on litres per day at a working period of 6 months

Table 2: Retention rate of contaminants tested with the filter cartridge NFP Premium. The table shows which quality we can expect from our activated carbon filter.

Important Notes on the operation of the cartridges

Service Life of a cartridge filter: The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (in accordance with DgIN 1988). As a basic rule 6,000 – 8,000 liters of water can be filtered within a six-month period. Earlier replacement might be necessary when the water flow becomes noticeably reduced. This is not the result of any deficiency in the filter used, but rather a sign of the increased presence of fine particles in the raw unfiltered water. Temperature: For technical reasons, only for use with cold water, and protect from freezing.

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There are two types of filter systems: Worktop Filters and Under Sink Filters

Worktop Filter

They are quick and easy to install and available in PP and in stainless steel. All work top filters come as a complete set including a diverter valve (three way valve), hose and adapter matching on tap outlets with a M22 female thread.

Worktop filter with a stainless steel outlet and a swirler screwed on a ball-and-socket joint.

Three way valve of the worktop filter

The 3 way valve screwed on the outlet of the existing sink tap connected to the filter housing by a white hose that can be shortened if necessary. You can draw utility water in larger quantities or draw filtered water by turning the 3 way valve to a horizontal position. The water outlets of the filters are equipped with a M22 male thread to attach either a simple aerator or a swirler for vitalizing the water.

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Under sink Filter, also called Built-in Filter

Under-sink filters and their hoses and all fittings are installed invisible under the sink or at a hidden place nearby the water the sink. The kitchen sink and the work top look tidier with this model.

Under sink filter

Under Sink Filter BASIC 2
Consisting of:

  • Housing Made of PP
  • Two hose sets
  • Special T-Piece
  • 90°-space saving fittings
  • Ball Valve for easy and quick
    cartridge change
  • Quick couplings
  • Non Return Valve
  • Wall bracket
    Not included: Filter cartridge, tap, swirler
    Space requirement without wall bracket minimum: W x H x D: 350 × 310 × 123 mm
    Important: Run with cold water only!

Our new designed water hoses and fittings break new grounds and raise our already existing high quality standard. As usual they are made of a high alloyed stainless steel. In addition the inlet hose (7) is a new. It is specially reinforced and lined with a new material which makes it extremely flexible. There is also a new design of outlet hose (11) for the filtered water. It is lined with components specially designed for the food and beverage industry by the well-known British company John Guest.

Installation example of the Under Sink Filter model BASIC 2

  1. Under sink filter installed

    Light proofed filter housing

  2. Space saving wall bracket stainless steel
  3. Quick couplings stainless steel
  4. Ball valve stainless steel
  5. Non return valve stainless steel
  6. space saving 90° fitting stainless steel
  7. Flexible stainless steel cold water hose directing into the filter housing
  8. Cold water pipes from the mains
  9. T-piece to connect the cold water with the filter housing
  10. Hot water pipe
  11. Flexible hose to connect the cold water with the utility water valve on the tap stainless steel
  12. Flexible hose for hot water to the hot water valve on the tap stainless steel
  13. Filtered water runs through a special coated stainless steel pipe to the 3 way tap

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Under Sink Filter. To be seen at the water tap point in the water-filter shop “Das Wasserhaus” of Arno Reibenspiess. Arno is a consultant and dealer for nature orientated water treatment and products for healthy living in Aachen Germany ( The filter housing and all accessories are installed in the cabinet under the sink. The photo shows in the centre a three way tap for both types of water, filtered and unfiltered water. We call this “One Tap Solution”. It is surrounded by two single taps for filtered water. These taps are part of that what we call the “Two Tap Solution”. For more information see below “Installation Solutions”.

Installation solutions of the under sink filters

Solution A (left), Solution B (middle), Solution C (right)

Solution A, Two Tap Solution. Clear separation between service water (utility water) and drinking water (arrow) When the old tap remains, a small second tap for the filtered water will be installed (arrow). It requires a second bore hole. That will be drilled in the work top or punched in the stainless steel sink. Diameters vary between 12 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm. The feed into the filter begins with a T-piece in the supply line. Taps are available in chromium plated high-alloyed and lead- free brass, or absolute inert stainless steel. The taps have a female thread (M22) to allow a swirler if desired.

Solution B, One Tap Solution.This more elegant solution needs a special tap with two internal conduits and two outlets and extra valve for the filtered water (arrow). A swirler can be installed if desired. It needs a bore hole of 36 mm diameter. The old hole can be used in general and might need some finishing. The feed into the filter begins with a T-piece in the supply line. A low pressure hot water tank or a pressure less flow heater requires the installation of the filter before the hot water tank or the flow heater. Taps are available in chromium plated high-alloyed lead free brass or absolute inert stainless steel.

Solution C, Old Tap Solution. The entire water to be used will be filtered. No further installations of taps required. A filter cartridge with a high capacity might be useful (ABF Duplex® SD). The filter will be connected with the cold water directly. A T-piece is also not required and no additional bore hole necessary. We recommend this solution at places where filtered water is desired throughout. A swirler would need a thread on the tap outlet. A low pressure hot water tank or a pressure less flow heater requires the installation of the filter before the hot water tank or the flow heater.


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Taps for Solution A “Two Tap Solution”

Tap NOVARA. Chromium plated brass with a M22 thread suited for a swirler, needs a bore hole of 12 mm Ø BUY a NOVARA Tap


Tap ALBA-1 Designer Tap made of stainless steel with a M22 thread suited for a swirler, needs a bore hole of 18 mm Ø BUY an ALBA Tap

Taps for Solution B “One Tap Solution”

3-way Tap VERONA. Chromium plated brass with an aerator (M24 male thread, black arrow) for the utility water and a thread M specially designed for Verona tap (blue arrow) for the filtered water suited for a swirler, the tap needs a bore hole of 36 mm BUY a VERONA Tap

Adapter Type Verona for a swirler. Male thread M specially designed for Verona tap to male thread M22 BUY this Adapter

3-way tap FLORENZ. Especially high quality designed and processed stainless steel tap. Two water outlets: One for the utility water with an aerator and M24 male thread (black arrow) and another one for the filtered water with a M18 male thread suitable for a swirler (blue arrow). The tap needs a borehole of 36 mm. BUY a FLORENZ Tap

Adapter Type Sienna/Florenz for a swirler. Male thread M18 to male thread M22 BUY this Adapter

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