The basic principle of lime scaling

Lime-scaling is caused by the presence of calcite in water. Calcite is the chemical name for aggressive Limescale. These calcite molecules are initially soluble. However over the time calcite converts into an insoluble form that precipitates and adheres to the wall of kettles, the coils in boilers, piping systems, taps, and showerheads. Hot water accelerates this process. Lime scaling problems provoke extensive damage to your plumbing appliances, thereby increasing your heating and repair costs. And in many cases you even have to replace the piping system in your home.

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Preventing lime scaling and damaging of the pipe work by corrosion

We offer sacrificial anodes that transform the soluble Calcite molecules into insoluble Aragonite crystals that do not stick to the walls or coils and are flushed away. They even dissolve existing incrustations that then are flushed away too. This non-electrical system should be installed at the point where the mains water supply enters the house.

Zinc Sacrification Anodes or Galvanic water treatment by AQUABION®

Exemplary installed AQUABION® Sacrification Anode. Please note the coarse filter to eliminate particles >100 μ and the yellow cable for the potential equalization to enable a proper Zinc release.

Interior of an Aquabion® Zinc Sacrification Anode

How does AQUABION® prevent the adherence of Calcite?

In scientific terms:
It uses a galvanic or electrolytic process whereby the pure Zinc sacrificial anode inside the AQUABION® releases traces of Zinc ions in the water as it passes through the anode. The free zinc ions react with the aggressive CaCO3 (i.e. the Calcite molecules) before they precipitate as limescale. The Zinc transforms part of the calcite into ZnCO3 (Zinc Carbonate), which renders Calcite into a harmless substance called aragonite, which is insoluble and does not precipitate. Any calcite molecules that do not convert to Aragonite are stimulated by zinc carbonate to convert themselves into insoluble free-flowing crystals. Now the water flow contains insoluble calcite and insoluble aragonite crystals. Both are flushed out of the pipes and do no harm to coils, kettles, boilers etc.

Putting it simply:
The AQUABION® system can turn aggressive ‘hard’ Limescale into non aggressive non-adhering ‘soft’ Limescale. This has the appearance of a white powder on your sink or shower which you can clean away easily. It no longer sticks to your appliances or requires aggressive cleaning agents. The AQUABION® anodes save you money and energy; increase the life span of your installations and household appliances drastically.

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Filter cartridges, prepared to prevent lime precipitation in vessels

This specially designed activated carbon filter cartridges contain a specially designed anti lime scaling granulates that reduces calcifications of the kettle and other pots and containers being filled at the tap. It activates water only on one tap and not in the entire piping system.


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