Water Treatment Systems

Waterwise has conceived a nature-orientated water treatment consisting of four stages. Everyone can choose to use all four stages or just choose one, two or three individual solutions depending on their situation. We tailor the treatment to your personal situation. Waterwise offers its Four Stage Water Treatment System from the mains entering your house to the tap. We eliminate as far as possible all substances that do not belong in it. We are pursuing this matter with the necessary emphasis but also with the prudence to sustain its naturalness.

Stage 1: Lime Scaling

Elimination of precipitation, adhering and incrustation of lime in your pipes, kettles etc.
Sacrificial anodes made of base metals (Me+) such as Zinc prevent lime scaling in a natural and environmental friendly manner.

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Stage 2: Filtration and Tapping

Filter cartridges made of vegetable charcoal eliminate over 90% of the heavy metals and over 99% of all unwanted contaminants as bacteria, chemicals, hormones, chlorides, medical residues, pesticides and bad odours.

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Stage 3: Vitalizing Process

Natural created vortexes and Oxygen from the air revitalizes the water.

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Stage 4: Biophysical Enhancement of Water

By EMs: Healthy microorganisms embedded in fired clay e.g. clay pearls retrieve the water’s positive energy.

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